• PVP giveaway game

    Inspired by other board games of territorial conquest, your goal is to build and fight to win your land. In Game of Blocks giveaway phase2, you'll receive gold and mana every hours, with gold you can buy some castle to place on the map with your mana you can buy some attacks to fight your competitors

    christophe dumont


  • New landing page

    New landing page with a lots of details about game of blocks

    christophe dumont


  • Rewards Notification

    Many of us is confused and not sure if receive the chest rewards in any events like follow in twitter, participate in DC even, fishing chest rewards, and etc... if this implemented I'm sure you always check your recent rewards if something is not right.

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  • Land Pass Viewer

    A way to view land passes and easier access to the minting and distribution of them.



  • Code warnings are needed in quests.

    For example, when guiding the drunk guard back to the tavern, at no point are you told you need to look out for a code, and only after having spent hours on having found his route I have no idea where to begin with the code as there is no hint whatsoever.

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  • Help

    I been here since day one. When i click get free land it says I need Ethereum wallet but ive opened site in every wallet I dont understsnd my user name : SARAJOYJOY Any advice would be amazing ty so much in advance. My email wrightsara0305@gmail.com 0xC480f9292f91fC3f22da0960074Db1eCe78Fa330



  • Zoom in or out on mobile phone

    when I need to check some quick info on GoB web and not have pc or laptop phone can still access by using metamask add but cannot zoom in or out so cannot not see all the info need to see like number of land pass or chest

    AT24 | w
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  • need help

    I don't understand nothing in this game. I'm wait untill few month for see what is new. I'm lock at first door. Don't understand what I have to do. Where are the secrets code. Where can we find codes for play? Thanks for helping.



  • Good

    the project is good, it just needs an additional team for marketing, so people can know more

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  • Land viewer

    Create a nice page where people are able to see their lands

    christophe dumont
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  • Cant see 2 land passes bought on opensea in Game

    Any user buying on OpenSea...Bought two Landpass on open sea but when entering the game cant see them in gameof block showing you dont have any landpass yet https://opensea.io/assets/0xb5f7d50defe738f7c73bf965cd369ac15fa77de9/0

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  • Minting with MATIC

    Can we mint using other than ETH? I see the MATIC option in my MetaMask when I added the mainnet there. Can anyone help? What other ways can we mint to lower the gas fees for broke af people like me?

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